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Book Review: "The Art and Science of Finishing Last"
Posted by Kaleb Brasee on Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at 02:03 PM
The Art and Science of Finishing Last cover In "The Art and Science of Finishing Last," Jakeb Brasee has unified the 2 seemingly-incompatible desires of today's young-ish men — being a ninja and being nice to girls — and managed to do this in 218 pages filled with:
  • biblical wisdom
  • relevant quotes from sources ranging from C.S. Lewis to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • a series of missions for a shadow-gentleman in training, exercising both "Being-A-Ninja" skills and "Being-Nice-to-Girls" skills
  • some of the funniest sentences and paragraphs of all time.
The basic premise of this book is the bible verse 1 Timothy 5:12: "Treat younger women with all purity, as you would your own sisters." Many either don't know this verse, or don't know exactly how to live it out. "The Art and Science of Finishing Last" explains how to do this, first by giving an overview of a young man's duties concerning his sisters-in-Christ, then by detailing these duties in 4 major sections:
  • Serve - being truly useful to sisters-in-Christ
  • Protect - guarding, protecting and freeing sisters-in-Christ
  • Affirm - assuring sisters-in-Christ of their worthiness and beauty in God's eyes
  • Lead - "setting a tone for holiness and helping her become who she was born to be"
Each section is divided into a dozen or more lessons, offering sound advice on different aspects of both caring for sisters-in-Christ (and being a ninja at the same time, of course). In addition, each section has a set of missions to carry out that improve skills in both areas.

"The Art and Science of Finishing Last" is available for purchase on a number of sites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Jakeb Brasee's very own Ninja Gentleman blog. It is a fantastic book, one that I highly recommend for any Christian brother who wants to treat his sisters-in-Christ as God wants him to treat them... and who also wants to be a ninja.
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  1. Re: Book Review: "The Art and Science of Finishing
    Posted by Maria on Sunday, August 9th, 2009 at 12:04 AM
    I haven't read the book, but I've read the sample chapters, and parts of them actually had me shivering (literally) with excitement. The whole brother/sister concept is something I've always loved, but the fact that there's actually someone out there who's smart enough and who cares enough to write a whole book about it amazes me! It couldn't be anything but God's Love working through you (the author), and I'm just grateful you responded! Just wondering, though...is it OK for girls to read this book, too?
  2. Re: Book Review: "The Art and Science of Finishing
    Posted by Jake on Monday, August 10th, 2009 at 01:42 PM
    Hi Maria =) It is definitely OK for girls to read this book! ^_^ Not that you need to become a ninja gentleman ;) but you probably *should* know how you deserve to be treated and what kind of traits you should be encouraging in your brothers -- and above all, you should know that you are worth having a book written about you. =) Plus, there are lots of illuminating side notes that are equally applicable to men and women both! (Thanks for what you wrote -- it's wonderfully encouraging to me :)

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